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The mission of the Academy of Medical Education Scholars (AMES) at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson is to create and sustain a diverse community of scholars dedicated to excellence and innovation in medical education.


2015 Vernon and Virginia Furrow Awards

  • Excellence in Basic Science Teaching for Medical Students: Deborah Fuchs, MD
  • Excellence in Graduate Student Education: Lonnie Lybarger, PhD
  • Excellence in Graduate Medical Education: Julie Demetree, MD

2015 AMES Grants for Medical Education Research

  • “Improving Laboratory Teaching of Histology and Histopathology in the Pre-Clinical Medical Curriculum”; Deborah A. Fuchs, MD; Paul A. St. John, PhD; Robert A. Segal, MD; David A. Elliot, PhD; Robert Herschoff, BA, MS; Helen Amerongen, PhD.
  • “Novel Use of Ultrasound to Aid in Medical Student Reproductive Physical Examination Skills and Pelvic Anatomy”; Tejal M. Parikh, MD; Srikar R. Adhikaru, MD; Maria H. Czuzak, PhD; Bryna Koch, MPH; Michael Gura, MPH; Susan Ellis, EdS; Paul Gordon, MD; William Adamas-Rappaport, MD; Elizabeth O. Leko, MPH; Corinna M. Wildner, MA.
  • “Incorporating Technology into Today’s Surgery Clerkship”; Rebecca K. Viscusi, MD; William Adamas-Rappaport, MD.
  • “Basic Life Support in Obstetric Care”; Colleen Cagno, MD; Karyn B. Kolman, MD; Jessie M. Pettit, MD; Autumn E. Stevenson, MD.
  • “Use of 3-D Models of Congenital Heart Defects to Improve Pediatric Cardiology Education”; Michael Seckeler, MD, MSc.